Convert Your Videos

Transferred to DVD, Hard Drive, USB Drive or the Cloud

Convert your Videos to DVD, Hard Drive, USB drive or the Cloudtapes to DVD

The memories in your old videotapes are precious, but sadly they're also fading. Home Video Hits in Punchbowl can help by converting your videos so you can re-live the great times. We use professional level equipment so you get the best quality transfer for all the old formats including VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 and DV tapes.

Simple & Superior Conversions: We offer 2 ways we can convert your tapes. Both provide the same high quality conversion, with the Suprior Conversion offering some extras other companies don't. Check the table below for the details and prices.

Video Editing: If you need your video edited, from getting rid of the bumpy / boring bits to fully editing the footage and adding music and titles then follow this link to our editing page.

Tape Cleaning: We can also clean any mould, mildew or dirt from your VHS tapes. Using the TapeChek 490 system imported from the USA, we ensure the tape is clean so you get the best picture quality possible. For more information see VHS Cleaning

Bulk discounts available for both conversion types when you have 5 or more tapes