Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright and Music

Can I use my favourite pieces of music over my own video? Are there any Copyright issues that may apply?

The following information is summarized from Information sheet G38 ‘Music: use in student films and home videos’ available from the Australian Copyright Council.

'Owners of copyright have the exclusive right to make a copy of their material while it is protected by copyright. Generally, if you want to copy material that is protected by copyright, you will need permission from the owner, or owners, of copyright unless a special exception applies. This is so even if the part is a small proportion of the whole — if the part is an important, distinctive or essential part of the copyright material, permission will generally be required.

AMCOS (a society of music publishers) has set up various license schemes in association with the Australian Record Industry Association which allow some home movie makers to reproduce music in their films. Home Video Hits has an annual license. Which allows a person recording events such as weddings, birthday parties, sporting events and school concerts, to include the music that was played at the event and also to dub in recorded music after the event.

The Home Video Hits Annual license provides a blanket coverage for any commercially released music you wish to use within your videos. This covers the publishing copyright (the written musical work-licensed by AMCOS) as well as for the sound recording copyright (licensed by ARIA). This is provided your video is not for sale/screening to the general public (including the web), or for promotional/corporate purposes.'

Will Home Video Hits process copyrighted videos?
Home Video Hits will not accept videotapes of copywrighted materials without the permission of the copyright owner. This must be supplied with the materials before Home Video Hits will agree to undertake your project.

Videotape Formats
What formats of videotapes can you convert?
DV, DV Cam, VHS, Super VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8 and Digital8. We can also edit DVDs produced by DVD video cameras. Please note these must be finalised within the camera before they can be converted. We can also help with all types of film, however that work is completed offsite.

What formats will you output?

We can produce a DVD for you in either PAL or NTSC. If your footage is being transferred to a hard drive, we can generally convert your footage into most formats for you to store.

Taking care of your DVD

To keep your disks in peak condition, you need to take the following precautions:

  • Avoid touching the recording surface or allowing fingerprints, dust drops of liquid etc to come in contact with the disk.
  • Do not attach labels, protective sheets or chemical coating preparations to the disk surface.
  • Do not leave the disk where it can be exposed to sunlight, high temperature or humidity.
  • Do not mark the disk, except by using a felt tipped pen on the label side.


Is there anything Home Video Hits won't accept to process?

We will not knowlingly process any videotape that contains illegal or obscene content. If we discover such a tape, Home Video Hits reserves the right to refuse service for that particular order. See the Terms and Conditions for more details.

Videotapes of copyrighted materials may not be submitted for editing or conversion by Home Video Hits without permission of the copyright owner. This must be supplied with the materials before Home Video Hits will agree to undertake your project.


The Editing Process

How long will it take to edit a one hour tape?

This is always a difficult question to answer. It depends on what you want from the footage! People often believe their project is simple and won't take long, however editing can be very time consuming. That's why Home Video Hits provides you with options ranging from a straight transfer to full editing with music and titles.

Because each project is different, any estimate can only be a guide. A typical one hour tape is likely to take from 7 to 10 hours to edit. There are many factors which influence this timing and obviously the more changes you want, the longer it will take. Home Video Hits' goal is to complete your project to the highest level of quality, in the shortest time possible.

Do we need to be there while you edit?

Not necessarily. With so many demands on your time, it may be easier and faster for you to drop off your project and give us some detailed directions on what you want. Then we can edit your video while you get on with your life! When we're done, you come back for a viewing and approval.

Some people like to be with us when we edit - that's no problem either. In fact it can work well to help you understand just exactly what's required in the editing process.

Can we add music to our video?

Sure! You can have your favourite pieces of music played over your own video - as long as the video is only shown privately to family and friends. You would be breaching copyright if you showed your video to the public at a film festival or if you uploaded it to any website including your own or YouTube / Vimeo etc. If you need to show your video to a wider audience, there are some great royalty free pieces available for download


What if we’re not sure what we want in our video?
Can we just provide you with materials and let you design and create our video?


Absolutely! Just bring your project to us -- your information, videos, photos, ideas, etc. We will get some detailed directions from you directions (this will take around 30 minutes) about what type of video you are giving us and the style of video you want so we can bring your video to life in the best possible way. You can view a rough cut to ensure your movie is what you want, then we will produce a final version.




What if I just need simple editing like two tapes to one or perhaps just cutting out some piece of video or audio?

That is no problem. We consider these types of projects to be less complex, so we can usually give you a firm price at the beginning.



How long does the service take?


This varies from package to package. Estimates are provided prior to commencing work.



How can I place an order?

You can contact us by sending an email from the Contact Us page of this website. That page also contains our phone details if you would prefer to speak to a person rather than email.




Payment can be made by several methods:

  • Cash on delivery

  • Electronic Funds Transfer to the nominated bank account or

  • Credit Card payment through the facilities of PayPal.


If the project is likely to take more than 10 hours to complete, Home Video Hits will request a deposit of 25% of the total cost prior to the work commencing.


All prices quoted on this website are inclusive of GST.



Improving the look of your footage

How can I improve the footage that I take?

Check out all the tips and tricks for lots of great ideas on making your next video your best.



My video is a bit overexposed can you fix it?

Whilst it’s generally possible to make some improvements to your original footage which was over or under exposed, nothing substitutes for taking the footage well in the first place. It is rare that the footage can be made to look as good as what was taken at the correct exposure, but we will certainly make every effort to make those improvements.


The same applies for making changes to the colour of your footage.




Technical questions

Do you edit on a computer? And what is non-linear editing?

We use a computer and it is a non-linear editing system. What that means to you is quality and convenience. We can virtually edit anything on our system and the quality is top-notch.



Is it digital?

Yes. Our whole system is digital. We take your tape and convert it from analog to digital. From that point on there is no loss of quality. Our final product looks as good as the original video. If you are familiar with video, we use a DV/firewire - based system.



How much footage can you process onto a DVD?

Just over two hours of high quality video can be processed onto a DVD (compressed in MPEG-2 format).



What’s the quality of the video on the DVD?

Home Video Hits processes your video in MPEG-2 format to ensure high video quality in transfer and playback. However, the ultimate quality of the video on your DVD depends ultimately on the quality of the original video.


Home Video Hits will also provide you with audio options on your DVD.



How many videotapes can I put on one DVD?

Currently, Home Video Hits can process just over two videotapes per DVD, or just over two hours in total length.



What if my tapes won’t fit on one DVD?

There are other options and we may need to go to a larger DVD with more space. Please discuss this option with us when you place your order.



What are the benefits of transferring my videotape onto a DVD?

Transferring your videotape onto DVD allows you to preserve precious memories. Unlike videotape, which can degrade significantly in as little as 10 years, a DVD will last hundreds of years and will look just as good each time you view it.

Home Video Hits will create a chapter menu on your DVD so that you can easily select any scene and watch it instantly. No more fast-forwarding through hours of footage to find those memorable video moments!