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Cheryl had been editing home videos for family and friends for a number of years before starting Home Video Hits. With the birth of her daughter, her life took a new direction and creativity and life balance became far more important. As a parent, she could see her own videos piling up and never being watched. She wondered how many other people had the time to wade through their video footage to find the special moments to share with friends and family. So in 2005, she decided to apply her experience and passion for editing to create her own business.

Most companies in this field do work for large corporations or media organisations. They aren't so interested in the rest of us who often have hours of footage fading away on tapes, never watched and enjoyed, yet always treasured.

With hundreds of projects completed over more than a decade, Cheryl remains committed and passionate about preserving your great memories before they fade away. Once the bumpy, out of focus or just plain boring bits are edited out, you'll be amazed and how the special times of your life shown in your videos are able to shine through.

I can be contacted on 0403 961 350, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or leave a message on (02) 9759-3801

With growth in the number of video conversions we are doing, Cheryl has been joined in the business by her husband. Brad can be contacted on 0412 284 196

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0403 961 350 (Cheryl)
0412 284 196 (Brad)
or (02) 9759 3801


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11 Duncan Street,
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